Bamboo Constructions at the Ecuadorian Coast

Bamboo Constructions, Research

Field research and building survey in Ecuador and Colombia
in cooperation with Andrea Hilmbauer, Helena Schrattenecker, Jessica Tschurnig
March – May 2013

Ecuador, one of the smallest but emerging countries in Latin America, has a profound culture of bamboo construction that has developed over the last 5.000 years. This culture is suffering from economic forces and social changes. Bamboo building methods are considered old-fashioned and are not widely accepted in Ecuador. They are currently used by economically disadvantaged members of the society. There are only a few publically accessible publications and books about the characteristics of Ecuadorian bamboo construction, even though some individual builders and architects, such as Jorgé Morán and Marcelo Villegas, have dedicated their lives to widening and optimising bamboo construction locally. Therefore the aim of this three-month bamboo research was to record and survey the Ecuadorian and Colombian bamboo habitat.


casa de cana_living room_ecuador_sophieschrattenecker

casa de cana_ecuador_sophieschrattenecker