Pueblos Calleros

Architecture, Pueblos Calleros
Design project „Ribbon-Built Villages“: Prototypical Houses for the Ecuadorian Costal Region, 2013/14
1st prize, Blue Award 2016


“Pueblos Calleros” organises housing along highly frequented infrastructural routes leading towards areas of high population density. The project’s main objective lies in reaching greater spacial and social density by providing both interior rooms and private exterior space within one building, multiplied by personalised variations within the whole settlement structure. The combination of long-lasting materials such as reinforced concrete and easily renewable, locally available material such as bamboo unfold new possibilities for a building tradition that has been facing a severe decrease over the last decades. Whilst purely bamboo-built houses are lacking privacy for its inhabitants and are easily broken into or destroyed by fire, their earthquake security as well as ecological and atmospheric environmental performance is remarkable. By applying bamboo-building materials in a beneficial way to a robust settlement structure of concrete and brick, a lasting and highly flexible system is generated.

STEP 1: The community provides a property of suffcient dimension along the road.
STEP 2: Base and walls of concrete and brick are constructed by the community and sold/ leased to settlers and future inhabitants.
STEP 3: The inhabitants construct their bamboo house inside the structure, using prefabricated joints and openings in the wall and base to fix their bamboo-columns and the roof(s).
STEP 4: At last only the walls made of split-bamboo are missing. These mats are attached to columns and walls, resembling textiles or even skin.

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