The Wall as a Living Room

Architecture, The Wall as a Living Room

Neues Stadtquartier, design project, Kunstuniversität Linz, 2015


The space generated from the contrast of the massive wall and the light and airy room, the contrast of light and shadow, forest glade and cave allows its inhabitant to retreat or to be in an extrovert space. Every apartment within this building complex is equipped with a protective back, the „wall“. This wall contains not only the resident‘s intimate rooms – such as a bathroom and an alcove for sleeping – but serves also as a supply line for the whole unit. The massive cave-like rooms inside the wall are opposed to the airy living rooms of wooden light-weight construction docked to the concrete structure. These rooms are higher, lighter and bigger in their dimensions than the compact caves inside the wall. It is their task to provide all “public“ functions of daily live, such as working, eating and social gatherings.

the wall as a living room_model_sophieschratteneckerthe wall as a livingroom_modules_sophieschrattenecker