A Village Centre for Blaindorf

A Village Centre for Blaindorf, Architecture

In cooperation with the community of Feistritztal, design project, Kunstuniversität Linz, 2015

In terms of expansion Blaindorf is the largest village within the community of Feistritztal in Styria. The settlement structure is characterised by urban sprawl, which is one of the reasons the local community has been facing difficulties in generating a town centre for years. Important infrastructural buildings, such as a restaurant, the school and the fire brigade are located at the village‘s external borders.  This design project tries to reintroduce the village centre of Blaindorf by successively compacting the settlement‘s central structure. The reintroduction of lost facilities, such as grocery, a bakery, a café and a kindergarten are as important for this process as it is to question the true identity of Blaindorf itself.
Since the mayority of Blaindorf‘s inhabitants work in the agricultural sector, which is typical of this region in Styria, it seems useful to establish an agricultural centre for the whole region as part of the village‘s new nucleus. This multifunctunal building can be used for advanced training, scientific research (e.g. the greatest variety of beetle species of central europe) and exhibitions as well as local events or meetings. It symbolises the opportunity of a new perspective and change within the heart of the village.


Blaindorf_location plan_sophieschrattenecker