La Cañada Real

Architecture, La Cañada Real, Research

Final design and research project (MArch), in cooperation with Madrid’s environment department Consegerìa de medio ambiente

Once a thriving transhumance the Cañada Real Galiana in the outskirts of Madrid has transformed its appearance. The cattle drive of about 70 metres width has increasingly been built on from both sides towards the middle of the path since the sixties of the last century and is one of today ́s biggest illegal European settlements. The research, analysis and design project highlights this interesting settlement with uncontrolled growth and thus underlines an urban development scarcely known in today’s Europe. Three architectural and urban designs emphasise developmental possibilities of the 13 kilometres long informal settlement that undoubtedly will soon be assimilated by Spain’s capital city.

„It is paradoxical that current terminology uses “informal” to refer to a condition that both is more prevalent now and was more common in the past; in comparison, the formal system seems relatively rudimentary.“


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