Archive of the Flotsam

Architecture, Archive of the Flotsam

An archive made of bricks: situated in Copenhagen, design project in cooperation with Wienerberger Ziegelwerke, Kunstuniversität Linz, 2014

What is thrown into the ocean, can soon be found and collected as pieces of fotsam along the coastline. Streams and tides are defining the movement of countless oating items that have long ago turned into left overs, ejected from – and by – human society. It is similar to a new way of globalisation. A globalisation far off refugee routes and boarders. Washed up and exposed to a permanent current, the Archive of the Flotsam has carved into the coastline. It has turned into fotsam itself. The archive‘s outer appearence is equivalent to a massive cube made of bricks. The building‘s centre is formed by its treasured goods: the archive, a construction made of steel grating, full of nets with tons of fotsam in them. Like a cage that has just been pulled out of the flood, this smaller steel cube is floating inside the building‘s massive walls above a huge saltwater pond. In order to provide the archive with supporting rooms, the sourrounding brickwalls are hollowed out.

archive of the flotsam_floor plans_sophieschrattenecker